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Tall’nCurly.com… I LOVE LOVE!

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13876425_940964596026748_7633068666844549754_nToday, I happened upon a Facebook post which was simply this image. I was immediately engaged. I LOVE IT! I love Tangled &, seeing this,…makes me REALLY WISH “deTangled” was REALLY coming soon!

I love everything about this image. The look on her face, the texture of her hair… It made me want to see more. So, I visited the website that is tagged on the photo (hoping that it was TRULY the website & not just someone stealing a picture and claiming it as his/her own).  Well, I’m writing this post to tell you that I am in love with TallNCurlly.com!

Being the mother of a couple of little girls and, being a little girl at heart (forever & always), I am happy to have four a website that I’ve already added to my bookmarks! It’s filled with such lovely images and sayings that a curly girl like me can really connect with. I just LOVE IT! LOVE is truly the word!


Check it out for yourself! You will NOT be disappointed!