Shine ‘n Jam® Line

Shine ‘n Jam is the most versatile styling line that we currently manufacture.  Men, women, girls and boys can all get the achieve the style they desire with these conditioning products.

Smooth the edges of your up-do, perfect your braids, use PomWave to achieve a flawless pompadour or soft ocean waves, almost any style can be crafted and perfected with our Shine ‘n Jam product line.  

The Shine ‘n Jame® Line includes:

Shine ‘n Jam® Conditioning Gel – Extra Hold
Shine ‘n Jam® Conditioning Gel – Regular Hold
Shine ‘n Jam® PomWave™ for Men
Shine ‘n Jam® Shine Serum with Safflower Oil
Shine ‘n Jam® – Silk Edges