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Be Patient Young Grasshopper. Waist Length is On Its Way. 
A few helpful tips:
  • DON'T GET DISCOURAGED because of shrinkage or because you don't see an overnight difference in length. Shrinkage is inevitable and can tell you a lot about your hair's health. A tighter coil indicates you hair is strong and healthy. #DontLetTheShrinkageFoolYouBoo ... you have hang time! 
  • Try to take pictures of your hair every month to DOCUMENT YOUR GROWTH. Whether you're on a "naturalista journey" or simply desire longer hair, seeing progress will give you hope. It's nice to see where you started and how far you have come along.
  • Lastly, don't compare your hair growth to others. Everyone's hair is different. Varying hair routines, family genetics, manipulation of hair, and even hair porosity can all affect hair growth. Learn what works best for your hair (maybe our Aloe StylER Gel versus our Olive Oil Gel)! See a hair consultant or cosmetologist/beautician for advice on what to do to promote hair growth. When you know better, you grow better!