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Hair Styles Galore

We are just here to grace you with some #natural hairstyles! Try some of these on your next wash day using our suggested products!

1. Cornrows with a twist (literally)

Use our Shine N Jam Conditioning gel to cornrow your hair straight back! Then use our Clear Ice Coconut Oil Stying Gel and any preferred moisturizing product to twist the rest! In the AM, take the twists down & ooolala.. you #shining !

2. Perffffff Wash N Go 

Grab you some of our Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Styling Gel and go to town! Add in any needed preferred moisturizers and there you go.. the perf #washngo

The gel with give your curls the hold it needs while still remaining soft and voluminous! 

3. Sleek Pony

A fake ponytail or piece of a weave won't hurt you! You're still #natural ... If you think otherwise check out our Stylist Monica "Queen" Carruther's Free E-Book input on what the three types of naturals are!

Achieve this look with a brush and your favorite #amprogel .. We suggest the original Protein Styling Gel Super Hold! It will hold your hair together for as long as needed as applied! 

What are you waiting for? Go try these styles... 💛

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