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New Year,  New fav! - VIVAS Beauty Facial Bar

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New Year, New fav! - VIVAS Beauty Facial Bar

Meet Andrea Fenise, lifestyle blogger!

On her website www.byandreafenise.com, she reviews our VIVAS Beauty Facial Bar

Ampro Pro Styl® VIVAS® Beauty Facial Bar - gently removes dirt, oil and make-up from skin. This unique vegetable-based, glycerin bar is enhanced with Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, Palm Oil and Olive Oil to help keep skin moisturized while revealing a beautiful complexion.

"Upon lathering, the soap was very soft and smooth,  which I loved," wrote Andrea. 

"It did a great job of gently removing makeup. All of my makeup and extra oils were gone after just one application."

"VIVAS Facial Bar could definitely replace my current regimen especially for only $1.99," wrote Andrea.

Buy yours online, here at amprogel.com --> VIVAS Beauty Facial Bar