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Simply Sleek šŸŒ¬


Celebrity stylist The Glam Father gives us "nothin but CLEAR GEL AND CREATIVITY" using our Clear Ice Protein Styling Gel!

Given that the beauty industry has grown tremendously over the last decade, sometimes keeping it simple is necessary. In his Instagram post, The Glam Father emphasized that he used "only three things" to achieve this high fashion, editorial look.

We believe that he's an #EditorialGenius because, ladies and gentleman, the result is simply MAGICAL! It's such a detailed and creative style! #InexpensivelyExpensive because this model looks like a MILLION bucks while less than $20 was spent to style her hair (minus the cost of skill & genius).Ā 

Become your own "hair thrift-a-holic" and be sure to purchase any Ampro Pro Styl Clear Ice Protein Styling Gel to achieve this chic look.Ā