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Stasha Is Back and She's Even Better!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than Cosmopolitan's summer braiding series featuring Stasha Harris and our #MustHave Shine 'n Jam Conditioning Gel, it did!

At the start of the fall, Cosmopolitan started a Facebook Show called The Braid Up! Weekly, they feature more hairstyles created by Stasha (& featuring our Shine 'n Jam Conditioning Gel)! 

@MagicFingers84, you're simply amazing to the Ampro Family. We are very appreciative of your hard work and growth as an entrepreneur in the hair industry! 

This week we have three news looks for you to try out using our Shine 'n Jam! 

1. The Stallion Ponytail Braid

2. Braided Pony w/ Wavvvvy Parts

3. Rubber Band Method Stitch Braids

Grab your Ampro Shine 'N Jam Conditioning Gel now to achieve these looks!