Ampro Pro Styl®

At the very beginning, Ampro Industries started its line of hair care products with a protein styling gel specially formulated to meet the needs of African American women’s hair.  More than 65 years later, we have expanded the famous “Brown Gel” into a line of styling gels and products that women and men of many cultures and hair textures have used for decades to achieve many styles.  From hair polishers to Honey Bees Wax, we have the product to help your hair look the way you desire. There’s something for everyone with Ampro Pro Styl and you can trust that our ingredients are the best.  Whether you want to do your hair up, down, spike it, slick it, sculpture it, protect it, wave it or control it – we have an Ampro® Pro Styl® product that is right for you!

We truly have you covered “from root to tip!”