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Professional Stylist Forum

Stylists are the backbone of the hair care industry. They put products to the test everyday in a lifetime dedicated to making us all look our best.

Ampro has been working with a team of Professional Stylists on our Forum to test new product formulas and to improve existing product lines. These women and men have been asked to join our Forum because they are all 20+ year veterans in the Hair Care Industry with varying talents. They maintain detailed knowledge about all hair care products, hair processes and hair trends. They are an invaluable resource to us and we would like to highlight these stylists.

The Ampro Pro Styl Stylist Forum is vital to the Ampro family. They meet with us periodically to discuss existing products – helping us refine them, making sure our products continue to meet the needs for which they were designed. The members also use their knowledge & experience to help us create new Ampro Pro Styl products, testing their effectiveness & functionality. Whenever we need stylists for Ampro Pro Styl photo shoots or other design projects, these ladies & gentlemen are always eager to help. Looking for a stylist that can ‘keep you looking good?’ The following people are current members of the Ampro Pro Styl Stylist forum & are more than capable of keeping you STYL-ed!

  • Barbara Carter, Owner – Barbee’s Beauty Salon – Memphis, TN – over 37 years experience. “I have a great clientele. I love cooking, dancing and singing. I’m an avid reader & I love Ampro products!”
  • Gregory Cole – Memphis, TN
  • Martelle Hope – Memphis, TN
  • Evelyn Mitchell-Irby – Manestream- Memphis, TN
  • “Weaven Steven” Noss – Philadelphia, PA
  • Carla Reed, Owner – Shear Envy – Memphis, TN
  • Darrius Stafford – Memphis, TN
  • Magnolia Tolbert – Vick & Ray’s Beauty – Memphis, TN
  • Deverne White – Vick & Ray’s Beauty – Memphis, TN

If you would like to be considered for submission to our Professional Stylist Forum, please submit the form below.

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All submissions will be evaluated between May 15 through August 15 of each year. New entrants will be notified by September 1 of that same year.

We want to send lots of love out to our stylists!

If you have a video or photo of your latest style created with one or more Ampro products, let us know! Submit your “How To” video or a photo to for all the world to admire!