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African Black Soap

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Ultra Glow® African Black Soap puts the radiance back in your skin with Ultra Glow Black Soap, 3.5 oz. It helps to clear the skin of bumps, spots and other blemishes. Ultra Glow soap is ideal to use for oily and dry skin, rashes and sensitive skin. It exfoliates dead cells and leaves skin feeling renewed, restored and revitalized. This unique formula contains a blend of moisturizers with aloe vera and Vitamin E. Black soap originates from West Africa and has a mystical reputation across many regions.

  • Exfoliates oily and dry skin
  • Black soap, discovered in West Africa, has enjoyed an almost mystical reputation across many tribes and regions
  • This natural exfoliating soap helps to clear the skin of bumps, spots, acne and other blemishes
  • Your skin will feel refreshed, renewed and restored
  • Helps to clear acne
  • Moisturizes with aloe vera and vitamin E

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